Shopfitting Perth


Shopfitting Perth

Check out some of our shop fitouts and commercial shopfitting across Perth.  Look at the stunning results at one of our latest fitout projects – Grill’d Whitford City, as shown below.  The Shape Shopfitters team loved working on this unique custom project, including impressive perfectly designed signage for the centre space, to attract walk by traffic.  The white beams are a distinctive art of commercial joinery to bring that overall welcoming feel to the Grill’d restaurant.  Due to the competitive nature of hospitality, Shopfitting in Perth requires a customised exclusive design for your fitout to attract clientele, which is where Shape Shopfitters excel.  

Shopfitting Perth: Gami Whitford City Restaurant

Another great shopfitting project in Perth which has been completed by Shape Shopfitters, is Gami Chicken Whitford City.  When scoping out this project, the fitout cost was not the key focus, however creating a beautiful restaurant with a great layout and warmth was super important.  The pictures above show the unique Gami signage on the side wall, that not only stands out to the customer eye but provides strong branding.  The custom Architectural Metal Work with the yellow colour design, adds a key feature to this restaurant fitout. Additionally, the specialised hanging lighting fits perfectly with the Crispy Chicken & Cold Beer signage. Shopfitting in Perth needs to have customised unique attributes to set you apart from competitors, which is exactly what these features achieve.  The combination of Shape Shopfitters great signage, custom & unique commercial joinery and architectural metal work, makes Gami Whitford City a fantastic example of Shopfitting in Perth at the highest level.  If you require support for your restaurant or commercial fitout, request a FREE quote from Shape Shopfitters below: 

Our Shopfitting Perth Services:

Expanding over 25 years with outstanding experience in shopfitting, Shape Shopfitters offers a wide range of services to suit our customers.  If you are looking for a one stop solution to bring your retail fitout to life, then our team can provide end to end support.  Once your initial enquiry has been received, our team will work with you to provide a tailored custom quote.  Our focus is based on high quality workmanship for each individual project, because we know how important creating a beautiful retail space can be.  Over the years, Shape Shopfitters have worked with key brands such as Grill’d, Schnitz, Gami Chicken and Daniels Donuts just to name a few, so we know how to bring magic to your fitout!  Included below is a list of our key services:

If you are looking for shopfitting for a retail or commercial space in the Perth area, click on the link below to contact our team for a FREE custom quote.

How much do shop fitouts cost in Perth?

Shop Fitouts in Perth can vary based on a wide variety of factors, so the team at Shape Shopfitters always recommend getting a professional to quote up the job.  Important factors to consider are size of the space (e.g. size in sqm) you are looking to fitout.  If the fitout is for a small venue, the overall costs will decrease, as less labour will be required for installation.  Additionally, a small venue requires less materials for floor coverings, wall materials, ceiling coverings, partitions & doors for the Perth fitout, therefore reducing the overall cost. Key factors to consider are the ‘premium look and feel’ of the fitout you want in order to attract foot traffic.  Shape Shopfitters have completed many fitouts in Perth in the past, where investing in more premium materials and timber for a restaurant fitout can have huge benefits in mid-long term revenue for the business.  Smart business owners always look at a shop fitout in Perth as a ‘Return on investment’ product, as a great looking fitout, can be super profitable.  Our team have attached some key benefits between a small versus a large fitout for reference:

Key Benefits of a small shopfitting in Perth
  • Cheaper cost of fitout: If you have a smaller overall size in sqm, the cost of the fitout will be cheaper to build, saving on overall fees.

  • Timeframe reduced:  Smaller fitouts in Perth commonly have much quicker turnarounds from start to finish.  Engaging a ‘one stop solution’ company like Shape Shopfitters is a great way to increase overall efficiency of the project.
  • Less design work needed:  Shape Shopfitters always recommends engaging a professional to do your shop fitout designs , however the good news is that smaller projects require less design time.  With a large site, design work involves a lot more planning and thought behind the shopfitting.
Key Benefits of a Large Shopfitting in Perth
  • Increased quality of fitout:  Creating a design that utilises all the available space, with different elements of look and feel, is super important to the overall result of the fitout.  In particular, implementing beautiful architectural metal work across a restaurant fitout can increase foot traffic and bring a warmth to the space, to invite customers into the venue.  
  • More flexibility in designs:  When completing a design for a fitout in Perth, having a large size venue gives the shopfitting company much more room to work with.  There are certain requirements and regulations the shopfitting company needs to comply with, so having a larger space assists in meeting these requirements whilst maintaining a welcoming environment!
  • Become the best shopfitting in Perth:  Having a larger shop fitout in Perth, compared to competitors, gives your business a huge edge in the market.  A beautiful, premium quality shop fitout which is next to a smaller competitor, increases foot traffic and can increase profits substantially – when the shopfitting is done properly.  Contact our team at Shape Shopfitters for a free quote!

Shopfitting Projects

Check out our full range of  commercial shop fitouts completed across Australia.  Shape Shopfitters is proud to have over 25+ years of industry experience, with projects conducted across some of the biggest retail brands.


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