Shopfitting Hobart


Shopfitting Hobart

Check out our range of Shop Fitouts and some of our Shopfitting across Hobart, Tasmania.  Shape Shopfitters have a wide range of industries that we work with, from retail fitouts, to restaurants, cafes and the example below which is an icecream store fitout.  Our project at Cold Rock Icecreamery was one of our funnest shopfitting projects.  Working with our project management team at Shape Shopfitters, we worked closely on the store layout and shop signage to stand out upon entry.  Additionally, the traffic layout of the Icecream shop was important due to the buying process of customers.  So our retail fitout had a clear structure to create a thorough walkthrough space as customers entered and left the shop.  Investing in experience companies for Shopfitting in places like Hobart area a great idea, as you can set apart from competition in the market. 

What does Shopfitting in Hobart Cost?

The cost of a Shopfitting in Hobart can vary based on a variety of factors.  One of the most important factors is the size of the venue you wish to use, as the larger the space the higher the price of a shopfitout will be.  Secondly, the design and layout of the retail fitout can also have a substantial impact on the price of your shopfitting in Hobart.  An example of this, is Shape Shopfitters completed a Restaurant Fitout for Grilld, in which they required a large amount of Commercial Joinery with large wooden beams throughout the restaurant as part of the design, increasing the price.  Where if you observe the above example of Cold Rock, due to the small shopfront and size of the interior, the cost of the Shopfitting was much lower.  Another important factor is the type of materials you use for your Shopfitting.  If you select materials to have a more premium look and feel, this will increase the cost of your shop fitout.  Our advice at Shape Shopfitters is to always engage a professional during the quoting process so that you can find out different options for your project.  Click the below link to recieve a FREE custom Quote below from our professional team!


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Check out our full range of  Commercial Shop Fitouts completed across Australia.  Shape Shopfitters is proud to have over 25+ years of industry experience, with work conducted across some of the biggest retail brands.


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